Creating New Portfolio

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You can create and manage portfolio(s) containing your different paper/physical trades (as well as strategy products). See below for more information on how a portfolio may be created, and used to meet your various quantitative and quantitative needs. 

Creating New Portfolio

1. Under 'Portfolio' in the navigation sidebar on the left, click 'Create Portfolio'.

  • Alternatively, click '+ New Portfolio' from the 'View Portfolio' page. 

2. Enter your desired name and settlement currency for the portfolio ("USD" is the default currency). Click 'Next' to continue. 


In MAF, will use public market data price, CNHUSD rate is the same as CNYUSD.

if users want to use their own CNH rate, users need to maintain own market data price in proprietary market data table and choose PTY MARKET PRICE to use own CNH rate.

In Proprietary Market Data table, please choose below product code and input date (DATE) and exchange rate (SETTLEMENT) before saving:

  • OTC/^USDCNH U.S. Dollar/Chinese Offshore Spot

if there is no private rate, MAF will use public rate

3. Select a parent portfolio (if you want the newly-created portfolio to be a child of an existing portfolio), if any. Otherwise, leave it empty. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Please note that you may only select trades to be included in non-parent portfolio (sub-portfolio or standalone portfolio) only. You will not be able to add trades into a parent portfolio because a parent portfolio is used to compute the overall performance of its sub-portfolios and must be left empty (no trades added) for this purpose.

4. Confirm your portfolio details and choose your 'Licence Type'. (Please refer to Assigned Licences for more information. Click 'Submitto proceed. For free trial accounts, selecting of licence type is not required, you may click 'Submit' directly.

5. Click 'OK' when prompted. You will be redirected to the 'View Portfolio' page. (Please refer to Managing Portfolio for more information.) You may then proceed to add paper trades into the portfolio or view your physical trades portfolio here. A portfolio will be auto-created for each physical trades

How your portfolio may be used

MAF Cloud provides a variety of quantitative models (available in 'Dashboard') for you to analyse your portfolio(s) in different ways. Read this article for a quick introduction of the portfolio management models available, and/or refer to their respective user guides to learn more!


Please refer to Table Settings for table functionalities.

Definition of Terms

Please refer to List of Definitions: Portfolio Details.

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