Table Functions

In MAF Cloud, you may come across AG-Grid tables which have several functions that you can utilise. 



Basic Table Functions

You will be able to find context menus with certain user interactions in the tables. By hovering over the table's header, you will be able to find a button (represented by 3 horizontal lines) that allows you to access certain functions, as illustrated below

Filter Row Data Filter Column Data

(filter icon) (4 vertical lines icon)

Right-Click on Table

By right-clicking anywhere in the table, you will be able to access the table's context menu to export data, reset layout, reset filters and expand/collapse data rows etc.


Saving Table Layout

Once you are done customising your table, click 'Save Layout' at the bottom right corner of the table to save your table layout.


Enter the name of the table layout and click 'Add', and you're good to go! Whenever you return to the table, it will always use your last saved layout.


Note: Once your table has been customised and the table layout has been saved, you will not be able to adjust the columns anymore. To do so, you will need to create a new table layout.

Group Rows

You may also group the rows (liken to the pivot table function in Microsoft Excel) to view the grouped data by dragging any column headers into the “row groups” section as highlighted.

The data in the table will be grouped according to your setting and you may drag multiple column headers into the “row groups” section to group them as necessary.

For more comprehensive functions, please refer to