Understanding Market Data Structure

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When creating your own market data, you are required to input its main details and historical data.

Under 'Product Type', you are required to select either “Futures”, “Forwards”, “Spot FX” (Spot Foreign Exchange) or “Fundamental”. Each product type will require filling in of different columns in the table.

While 'Date' and 'Settlement' are required fields for all product types, the rest are optional except for:

  • 'Product Type' = “Futures”

    • Hence the need to fill in “Month” (MM) + “Year” (YYYY)

  • 'Product Type' = “Forwards”

    • Hence the need to fill in “Valuation Date” (input format is based on your account's setting. Click here to learn more)


Product TypeAdditional Required Fields
  • Month (MM)
  • Year (YYYY)
  • Valuation Date
Spot FX





Please refer to Table Settings for table functionalities.

Definition of Terms

Please refer to List of Definitions: Market Data.

Additional Definitions:

  • 'Add Row': Adds an additional row into the table
  • 'Delete Row': Deletes the selected row
  • 'Clear Rows': Clears all data in the rows
  • 'Save': Saves data in the table and submits to the system

Please refer to [Case Study] Using and Managing Your Own Market Data for a more detailed guide.

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