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You will be able to edit details related to your portfolio, such as basic information and trade(s) in your portfolio, in this page.

To access, click 'Portfolio' from the navigation sidebar on the left, and click 'View Portfolio'.

Click 'Edit' (represented by a 'pen and paper' icon) under 'Actions' of your desired portfolio and you will be directed to a 'Create New Portfolio' page.


Edit Basic Information

You may edit the name of your portfolio here (please note that you may not change the portfolio's settlement currency once the portfolio is created.)

Click 'Next' to continue.

Select Parent Portfolio

Select a parent portfolio to allocate your current newly potrfolio under the parent portfolio. If parent portfolio is not required, you may leave this blank and click on "Next" to continue.

Please note that you cannot add trades into a parent portfolio. This is because a parent portfolio is used to compute the overall performance of its sub-portfolios and must be left empty (no trades added) for this purpose.

Please also note that you cannot add a physical trade into your portfolio. Each newly created physical trade will automatically generate its own portfolio and you may add your paper trades from there.

Confirm Portfolio Details

You may check the name, settlement currency and trades (represented by their codes) in your portfolio here. Choose your 'Licence Type'. (Please refer to Assigned Licences for more information.) 

Click on 'Submit' to confirm the changes; otherwise, click on 'Back' to continue editing.


Please refer to Table Settings for table functionalities.

Definition of Terms

Please refer to List of Definitions: Trades and List of Definitions: Portfolio Details for more details.

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