8. Deals

Input Physical Trades Data

The New Physical Trade function allows users from different departments/teams to access the designated pages to input their data, ensuring a consistent operational workflow and clear delegation of responsibilities for different teams.

Please note that all data input in New Physical Trade will appear in the old Physical Trade page, and vice versa. Trades created in the New Physical Trade page will have their Actions column button disabled, which disallows editing of the trades in the old Physical Trade page.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the old methods to input your data:

1. Manually input physical trades, please access: https://mafint.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MCUGX/pages/2022506844

2. Bulk upload physical trades, please access: https://mafint.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MCUGX/pages/2022506555

8. Deals

This section displays the details of your deals and associated trades to allow you to monitor your outstanding and completed deals efficiently.

Once a trade has been created, it will automatically generate a deal in the 'DEALS' tab.

To access this section, click on 'Trade', following by 'New Physical Trades' from the navigation sidebar on the left. Click on the 'DEALS' tab at the top of the page to access this section.

You will be able to view the outstanding quantity ('Outstanding Qty') of your cargo and the associated profit and loss ('Realised P/L', 'Unrealised P/L' and 'Total P/L') to allow you to make informed decisions accordingly. You may refer to the 'Physical Trades Table' at the bottom of the page as reference.

Several functions are available to assist in the selection of data: 

  • Search bar: Search for keywords in the search bar for relevant data to be displayed

  • Table Headers: 'Sort' and 'Filter' data using the functions in the table headers (Please refer to Table Settings for table functionalities).


Open/Closed Deals: Contract Quantity will be used to determine if the trades have been closed (purchase and sale transactions close each other off), and if closed, the 'Outstanding Qty' in "DEALS" tab will be displayed as "0".

Calculations: Actual Quantity (input in trade execution page) will be used for the calculations in the table, but if Actual Quantity is not input yet, the Contract Quantity will be used instead.


TRUE: Deal is not closed yet, still have open positions.

FALSE: Deal is closed with no open positions.

To determine if the position is still open, you can go to portfolio page to see if there are any trades in the OPEN POSITIONS table.

If Outstanding Qty is 0.0 but OPEN column is TRUE, it means that the buy and sell trades are already closed, but still have open positions as title transfer date, actual price and actual quantity of the trade are not filled yet. Negative value = Sales quantity, positive value = Purchase quantity

If Outstanding Qty is 0, it should not be highlighted in red. Only <0 or >0 will be highlighted in red.


Update MTM Pricing Directly

You will be able to update your MTM pricing here or edit directly in the physical trade page. You will be required to pre-fill your pricing code in the Physical Pricing Setting tab (select POTENTIAL under TRADE TYPE). Once done, you can select the pricing code under "MTM Pricing Code" for each deal number. Tick the row and click on "MTM Update" at the top right corner of the table.

The MTM pricing index for your deal will be updated accordingly.


  • MTM Update of premium for existing trade’s premium will only work if pricing mode of existing premium is FIXED. Otherwise, error message will appear.

  • Tax rate in pricing code in Physical Premium Setting fixed - tax rate will auto appear in the corresponding physical trade.

  • If the existing trade’s trade mode is “Offshore”, using a pricing code with tax rate for MTM update will not be allowed.

  • If unit of pricing code in Physical Pricing Setting is different from the physical trade’s unit, error message will appear.

  • If pricing code in Physical Pricing Setting table is deleted, the existing pricing index details will remain in the physical trade page.

  • Can use MTM Update for original trade with different pricing currency (eg original is USD; MTM Update product can be CNY)

  • Cannot use MTM update for original trade with different units (eg original is Metric Ton, MTM Update product cannot be Barrels)

For Paper/Physical Trade - If product is used in paper/physical trade, cannot delete the product in Product Data table. Will have to remove the product from the paper/physical trade before deleting


Check Outstanding Quantity

  1. Click on the 'DEALS' tab at the top left corner of the page to view the details of your deal trades.

For example, in this case, 4,500 units ('OUTSTANDING QTY') have been purchased ("PURCHASE") and are outstanding as they have yet to be sold.


2. To close the trade, follow Step 9 & 10. In this case, the 'Purchase/Sale' field will be "SALE" and 'Quantity' will be "2,000" to reflect the sale position of the trade. Follow through the steps and click 'Submit' to save your trade.


3. Click on the 'DEALS' tab at the top left corner of the page to view the details of your deal trades.

Following the same example in Step 1 & 2, 2,000 units have been closed/sold and the 'OUTSTANDING QTY' will reflect the remaining outstanding quantity (4,500 purchased quantity - 2,000 sold quantity).


4. Follow through the same steps until all quantity are purchased/sold to close the term contract and 

'OUTSTANDING QTY' will become "0".


Please refer to List of Definitions: Trades for the definitions of the fields.