Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) Statement

You will be able to upload your Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) statements directly into MAF Cloud to automatically capture data, such as total funds, total equity, initial and maintenance margins, tradeable funds and calculation ratios (e.g. Equity Ratio).

1. To access the FCM page, please click ‘Portfolio' from the navigation sidebar on the left and 'General Ledger', followed by 'FCM Statement’ tab.


2. You may choose to upload your FCM statement by hovering your mouse cursor to the “…” at the top right corner of the page, and select the file format (“BPI”,“SFSG“,”CTP”,“CIMB”) to upload your file. Once upload is successful, all the data will be reflected in the table and you may edit the data accordingly. Please click Save at the bottom left of the page to save the data.

Terms Comparison

FCM Statement

MAF Cloud

FCM Statement

MAF Cloud

Statement Date


Base: USD

Currency: USD
Base CCY: True

Currency eg CNY

Currency: Currency eg CNY
Base CCY: False

Total Equity

Total Equity

Net Option Value

Option Value

Account Market Value

Market Value (MV)

Initial Margin Requirement


Maintenance Margin Requirement


Margin Excess/Deficit

Margin Excess/Deficit

Equity Ratio

TE/IM Ratio


You may also choose to input the data manually by clicking on Add Row to input your data. Cells highlighted in red are compulsory items. Please click Save at the bottom left of the page to save the data.

MARKET VALUE (MV) =  TE + Options Value + Credit + Collateral


TE/IM RATIO % = if value is 0.40, show 40

MV/IM RATIO % = if value is 0.40, show: 40



3. You may use the Search function to search for specific data or adjust the From and To Date to determine the date range for the data to be reflected (From Date is 2 weeks before today’s date by default) and click Search. You may also use the filters functions in the header names to filter or search for your data.



4. You may proceed to your Dashboard by clicking on Dashboard, followed by Individual Dashboard and create the Futures Account app to check and tally your data.



Please note that in Futures Account app, if the currency (CCY) of the row is not the Base: Currency, then the Amount and Market Value (MV) will be reflected as empty (as Amount is empty, MV will be empty, but if there are Credit and Collateral, then MV will be the sum of these 2; this is different from the FCM Statement as the system performs its own calculations).

So only the Base Currency row (eg BASE: CNY) will reflect the exact values as shown in the FCM Statement, which you may use to compare against the FCM Statement to ensure accuracy.