Step 1. Sign up for Account, Login and Logout

Users are recommended to sign up for an account using their own company email address, and may decide on an account to act as the Company Profile Creator as well as Admin (more details in Step 2) to assist in setting up the company profile on behalf of the team. After setting up the company profile, users will be able to begin using the Physical Trades function. Users are highly encouraged to use their company email address so they do not need to reenter the data after the company decides to onboard the system. Another benefit of having own account is that users will be able to view which users created or last updated the data, so it will be clear which transaction is processed by which user.


1. Please access to sign up for a new account. Each email address can only create one account. Please follow the instructions in the email to verify your email address to activate your account.

Please Note: We recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser to access the system. Depending on your region and language requirements, you may change the Server Location (Singapore or China) and Language (English or Chinese) from the upper right corner before you login, or you may change them after you login to the portal, from Settings>My Profile>Language/Region.



2. After activating your account, please key in your login details in the portal and click on Sign in to begin your MAF Cloud journey.



3. If you want to log out of the system, please click on the Logout button from the navigation sidebar on the left.