Step 2. Set up Company Profile

For Demurrage:

As the demurrage report requires a company letterhead, you may need to set up your company profile first for the company letterhead to be displayed.


For Physical Trades:

As the physical trade contracts need to be linked to the Company Name, before you use the Physical Trades function, you may need to set up your company profile first (including parent and subsidiary company details).


The user can set up a company, or multiple companies, and the first company to input in the page has to be the Parent Company. A company can have many groups under its management, and many group members can be invited under each group. The data input by each group member can be shared to and used by other members in the same group. Please refer to for more details.

1. Please select one member to be the Company Profile Creator to set up the company profile (to be decided by your management). This user will manage the administrative related matters in the portal on behalf of the company.

Once the Company Profile Creator has login to the portal, please click on Settings>Company>Company Profile.


2. Please input the details (only fields with * are compulsory) and click on Save Details once done. Relevant fields input in this page will appear in the Physical Trades function for your convenience. Once members have been added to the same group as the Company Profile Creator, the members' Company Profile page will be auto filled according to that of the Company Profile Creator, so the members need not input the company profile on their own. Please refer to for more details.


More details: