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The Portfolio Total P/L by Instrument Contract Matrix allows you to view, at a glance, the composition of assets within a portfolio and their financial positions (total P/L), according to their contract month and year - this includes both open and closed positions.

The rows are the various products in the portfolio while the columns indicate product information such as exchange, instrument, P/L based on contract month & contract year and total P/L. The table acts like a pivot table and can be categorised and organised by groups according to your needs. 





Select a portfolio of interest.

Select public market data or proprietary market data to determine the market data prices used to calculate the P/L or positions accordingly.

Please note that if the proprietary (private) market data for certain dates are not input here eg 1 May to 10 May price is input but not 9 May, when you select private data when viewing the portfolio and using the models in Dashboard (eg for trades with trade date on 9 May but private data is not available), the system will use the latest date's settlement price (10 May) to perform the calculations.


Select the start and end date to determine the range of period and cut-off date for the calculations of P/L.

Start Date will be the start of the year (eg 1 Jan 2020) by default.

End Date will be today's date by default.

You are fill free to edit the dates as necessary.


The inserted comments will be displayed at the bottom of the application. This can be useful for documentation purposes or for settings description.