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MAF Cloud system is a SaaS (software as a service) cloud solution, users can login and access MAF Cloud on any compatible device with internet access. The MAF Cloud server environment is implemented and managed by the cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support software updates, bug fixes, and other routine application maintenance. AWS manages and maintains all front-end and back-end content for MAF Cloud, including data center servers and data security management to provide industry-leading encryption functions and data storage, etc. AWS has a Data Security Assurance Program that uses global privacy and data protection best practices to help MAF Cloud operate securely within AWS and leverage their secure control environment. These security protections and control processes are independently verified by multiple third-party independent assessments.

Advantages of cloud server:
1. Can be logged in and used on any device with internet access
2. Implements software updates, bug fixes and other routine application maintenance
3. AWS provides industry-leading encryption capabilities and data storage, and the security protection and control processes are independently evaluated by a third party


迈云是一种SaaS(软件即服务)的云方案,用户可以在任何兼容设备上通过网络登录和使用 SaaS的应用程序。迈云云环境是通过Amazon Web Services (AWS) 的云服务提供商实现和管理的,来支持软件的更新,漏洞修复以及其他常规应用维护。AWS为迈云管理和维护前后端的所有内容,包括数据中心服务器,数据安全管理以提供行业领先的加密功能和数据存储等。AWS制定了数据安全保障计划,该计划使用全球隐私和数据保护的最佳实践来帮助迈云在 AWS 内安全运营,并充分利用它们的安全控制环境。这些安全保护和控制流程由多个第三方独立评估独立验证。

目前迈云云端服务器是通过Amazon Web Services


  1. 可以在任何有网络的设备上登录和使用
  2. 云端实现软件的更新,漏洞修复以及其他常规应用维护
  3. AWS提供行业领先的加密功能和数据存储,并由第三方独立评估安全保护和控制流程

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