Application: MAF Cloud & Straits Financial


1. Sign up for an account

You may sign up for an account here: for a free trial and check your email to activate your account.

2. Upload Straits Financial daily statements

You may upload SF daily statements directly into MAF Cloud. From the navigation sidebar on the left, click on TRADE>PAPER TRADE to access the page and click on “+ New Paper Trade”.

Select SFSG Trade from the list and upload your daily statements.

Click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom left corner of the page to save your trades successfully.

User Guide:

3. Allocate trades into portfolios

Create Portfolio

You may click on PORTFOLIO>CREATE PORTFOLIO from the navigation sidebar on the left to create a new portfolio. Click ‘Submit’ once all details are filled to create the portfolio successfully.


The portfolio will appear in the tree-structure on the left corner of the page. You can drag-and-drop the portfolios to arrange and organise them according to your needs.

User Guide:


Allocate Trades into Portfolio

Click on TRADE>PAPER TRADE from the navigation sidebar on the left to access the page. Tick the trades and click on ‘Allocate Portfolio’.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to select the portfolio to allocate the trades into. Click on ‘Save Portfolio’ to save the portfolio successfully.

User Guide:

4. Generate quantitative models/reports

You may generate quantitative models/reports to view the performance of your portfolios/trades.

Click on ‘Dashboard’ from the navigation sidebar on the left to access the page. Select the desired model/report and click on ‘Create’ to open the model/report.

We will select Portfolio P/L Details model as an example.

Click on ‘Settings’ (gear icon) on the top right corner of the model to set up the details.

Select the desired portfolio and other details in the pop-up box. Click ‘Submit’ to view the model/report successfully.

In the Portfolio P/L Details model, all the trades in the selected portfolio will automatically be displayed, calculated and categorised according to the type of positions (PAPER OPEN, PAPER CLOSED etc) for your easy reference. You will be able to assess how your portfolio/trades have performed at a glance.

You may filter, arrange and categorise the columns/rows/groups, as well enlarge the model according to your needs.

User Guide:


Other models/reports for your reference:

  • Position Matrix 

  • Group P/L: 


  • Futures Account: 

  • Portfolio Performance Chart: 

5. Share quantitative models/reports

You may share any individual model/report or the entire Dashboard of models/reports via weblink to anyone.

  • Share individual model/report: Click on 'Share Model' (paper aeroplane icon) at the top right corner of the model


  • Share all models/reports in Dashboard: Click on ‘Share Dashboard’ at the top right corner of the page

A weblink will be generated and copied directly into your device’s clipboard.

You may paste the weblink on your browser or send to anyone to access the shared models/reports. The weblink will expire in 8 hours for data security reasons.


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We wish you an amazing MAF Cloud journey ahead!