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The Futures Account Matrix displays all your future accounts and their associated figures (eg P/L, expenses/income items) to allow you to easily check and balance the figures against your daily statements, categorised according to Account and Currency by default. To categorise the trades according to your needs, you can reorganise your data by dragging-and-dropping the columns at the top of the table to 'set row groups'. Columns like Amount will be summed up accordingly.

CUM. P/L: Cumulative/Total P/L


  • Added Cut Off Date in Settings to allow you to input the cut off date to calculate the change in amount from End Date to Cut Off Date

  • Added Change Amount column after Amount column to reflect the change in amount from End Date to Cut Off Date

  • Cut Off Date cannot be after Settlement Date

  • Eg if want to see total amount for 2022, you may choose Cut Off Date as 31/12/2021

New columns added: 


  • CREDIT; enable group, sum

  • COLLATERAL; enable group, sum

  • IM; enable group, sum

  • MARKET VALUE; enable group, sum

In FCM Statement table, add a new column: FCM TYPE (经纪商类别) before broker column

  • FCM or leave empty (if selected FCM or leave blank for this column, the trade will be displayed in Futures Account app only)

    • Note: For Futures Account app, the trade row will show a combination of FCM statement figure + trades figure + General Ledger figure.

    • It will only show the trades from FCM statement table in Futures Account app if FCM TYPE is FCM or empty and Settlement Date (same as settings).



To access the quantitative model/report, click on 'Dashboard' from the navigation sidebar on the left.