MAFLink token failure case

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Please note that if your MAFLink token failed after you copy from the system and paste into your email provider eg Microsoft Outlook, your email provider's message format may have “corrupted” the link when it is pasted into the email message. So it means that if you generate and copy the link from the system and paste into MAFLink via the system, there will be no issue. But if you paste the link into your email message, the format of the link will change and so the error will happen.

For such cases, you may need to regenerate a new MAFLink token using the same method and resend to your counterparty. But we highly encourage you to test the token first to see if it works before sending to your counterparty by pasting it into your email message first, and copy the link again directly from your email message (which you intend to send to your counterparty) and paste it into the system (click on “MAF Link” button and paste the token) to test to make sure it works and is not “corrupted” again. If it works, you may send to your counterparty as per normal. (Please note that every time you generate the token, the link will be different).   

If your link does not work, it means that it could be corrupted. “Corrupted” link will be different from the correct MAFLink token so you may use this website ( to check the difference between the original and "corrupted" link. So the website will identify the difference in characters between the original and "corrupted" links, "corrupted" link will have missing or different characters from the original link so you will have to identify the missing characters and make sure that the pasted link you send to your counterparty via email is exactly the same as the original link generated in the system. Otherwise, the same issue will occur.

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