What features/access are available for the Enterprise Solution Plan?

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The Enterprise Solution Plan allows you to seamlessly use MAF Cloud with your colleagues as a team. Each licence entitles the user to create 1 group and invite up to 5 users (including the inviting user) into the group. You may also combine multiple licences to invite more than 5 users into a group. For example, if you link 2 licences to a group, you can invite up to 10 users into the group. Groups can be invited to join a Company (and entitled to its benefits):

  • You may assign various roles/functions to other users in the group.
  • All users may access and manage the data (trades, portfolio etc.) of the other users in the group.
  • All users may use the shared information to obtain quantitative data and effectively track individual and/or group performance, with a variety of quantitative models available in the Dashboard.
  • Stay tuned for more!

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