What are the Subscription Plans available in MAF Cloud?

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After the 30 days' free trial, you may continue to access MAF Cloud with the 'Basic Plan' for free. Access to the 'Add-on Plans' are chargeable as described below. 

In MAF Cloud, subscribing to a plan refers to purchasing a licence (Please refer to Purchase Plans). You will need to purchase a licence to access the features in the plan.


Essential Features

  • Featured Charts
  • Dashboard: Quantitative Models & Reports
  • Market Data
  • Paper Trades
  • Product Data


MAF Portfolio Management Suite (MPMS)

  • Portfolio
  • General Ledger


MAF Demurrage Management Suite (MDMS)

  • Demurrage & Other Claims Management
  • Demurrage Calculations & Reports
  • Data Sharing with Counterparties via MAFLink
  • Files Storage via MAFSpace

MAF Physical Trade Management Suite (MPTMS)

  • Physical Trade Capture & Management

  • Inventory & Risk Management
  • Generation of Invoice, Contract & Shipping Instructions Documents 
  • P/L Consolidation & Streamlined Accounting Processes


MAF Enterprise Solution Plan

  • Invitation of up to 5 Members into a Group per Licence
  • Data Sharing & User Access Control
  • Data Management at Multiple Levels


Bespoke Features

  • Users may request for customised features to suit their business needs

Please contact us for more details.

*5% discount is applicable for yearly subscription (yearly cost = monthly cost * 12 * 0.95).

Basic Plan: All users will be able to access all the features in the Basic Plan for free.

Add-ons to the 'Basic Plan':

MAF Portfolio Management Suite: MAF Cloud allows users to compile paper and physical trades captured into a portfolio to consolidate positions and P/L in different currencies, and perform quantitative analysis with Portfolio Management Models in the ‘Dashboard’. Subsequent portfolios (including child portfolios) may be purchased at the same rate.

MAF Demurrage Management Suite: This module helps users to manage physical trades and shipping logistics where demurrage and/or other claims are incurred. Subscribing to this plan allows users to input, manage and offset demurrage claims easily, perform complex demurrage calculations automatically, collect data directly from brokers/counterparties via MAFLink as well as store supporting documents for each claim via MAFSpace directly.

Physical Trade Management Suite: This module helps users to closely monitor the lifecycles of physical trades and deals from the contractual and execution phase to the risk monitoring and settlement phase. Subscribing to this plan allows users to efficiently input and manage their physical trades, and monitor their performance, P/L, positions, settlement and risks exposure. Physical trades can also be combined with paper trades in portfolios (if applicable) to consolidate P/L and other details according to their business requirements in 'Dashboard'.

Enterprise Solution Plan: Each licence entitles the user to create 1 group and invite up to 5 users (including the inviting user) into the group. The user may also purchase and combine multiple licences to invite more than 5 users into a group. All users in the same group may access each other's data according to the user access control setting to monitor individual and/or group's performance.

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