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First Button (represented by 3 horizontal lines)Pin ColumnPin selected column to the most left or right of the table, or reset the settings by selecting 'No Pin'.

Autosize This ColumnAutomatically resize the selected column to fit the information in the column.
Autosize All ColumnsAutomatically resize all the columns in the table to fit the information in their respective columns.
Group by...Group information by the selected column.
Un-Group by...Un-group selected column to return to default table format.
Reset ColumnsReset columns back to default.
Regroup ColumnsRegroup the column headers.
Sort DatesSort columns by date.
Second Button (represented by a filter funnel icon)

Filter by Row

Filter information by rows in the selected column by ticking the checkbox to customise information based on your needs.

Once you filter your data, it will remain filtered whenever you return to the page, until you right-click/click on the 'Reset Filter' button

Second Button (represented by 4 vertical lines)Filter by ColumnĀ Filter information by columns by ticking the checkbox to customise information based on your needs.


Right-Click in Table

By right-clicking anywhere in the individual table cells, you will be able to access the table's context menu to export data, reset layout, reset filters and expand/collapse data rows etc.

CopyCopy information in the table cell.
Copy with HeadersCopy information in the table cell along with column header.
ExportExport the entire table's information into .CSV, .xlsx or .xml format.
Reset All Layout

Reset table layout to default.

Reset FilterReset all of the table's filters.
Expand AllExpand all grouped rows.
Collapse AllCollapse all grouped rows.