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When you upload paper trades in create paper trades via CSV file and  and an error message appears that is not related to uploading duplicated trades (duplicated trades cannot be uploaded again to prevent repeated trades), it is due to:

1. You have selected the wrong broker's CSV file before uploading or

2. Your CSV file format has file includes products that have not been added/mapped before in the system (please contact us at to map your file's format) or follow Step 1 and 2 in User Guide: Adding Own Market Data & Product Data - MAF Cloud: User Guide - Confluence ( to add your own market and product data, or

3. Your CSV file format has been mapped before but certain product(s) has not been mapped into the system yet or is added in different format. To map the product, login to ADMIN account and go to Settings>My Profile>Data Mapping and filter the broker (eg SFSG) and scroll down to locate the red highlighted cells . Check (not mapped yet). Go to Product Data table to find the External Product Code (column in Data Mapping). You can filter by Code first and check which product matches. Copy the correct MAF Product ID and fill in paste in the MAF Product ID column in Data Mapping table accordingly and save.

Try uploading Please make sure you did not upload the file previously (if so, please delete). Upload the file again and it should be successful.