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so when you input 10 as the SETTLEMENT, the exchange rate will convert from CNY to USD, which is 1/10 = 0.10


In MAF, will use public market data price, CNHUSD rate is the same as CNYUSD.

if users want to use their own CNH rate, users need to maintain own market data price in proprietary market data table and choose PTY MARKET PRICE to use own CNH rate.

In Proprietary Market Data table, please choose below product code and input date (DATE) and exchange rate (SETTLEMENT) before saving:

  • OTC/^USDCNH U.S. Dollar/Chinese Offshore Spot

if there is no private rate, MAF will use public rate

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4. The 'From' and 'To' dates are set by default, ranging from the start of the year (1 Jan) to today's date. You may adjust the dates and click 'Search' for the data to be filtered and displayed in the table accordingly.