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a. Stock Action 库存操作: Important when there is value for “TO WH NAME” 到达库址 column. It will be linked to “INVENTORY STOCK TYPE DETAILS” 库存类型详细 app as “STOCK TYPE” if there is value for “TO WH NAME” 到达库址 column. It can be ignored if “TO WH NAME” 到达库址 column is empty, e. E.g, “TRANSPORTATION” is under “STOCK ACTION” 库存操作 , and “TO WH NAME” 到达库址 is “ABC”, then in “INVENTORY STOCK TYPE DETAILS” 库存类型详细 app, the row will appear accordingly and user will see “TRANSPORTATION” row under “STOCK TYPE” in the app.

b. COD Date 卸货结束日: Refers to completion of discharge date, which means the stock action 库存操作 is completed. User needs to add a new row to perform stock in action to match it, e.g., transportation is completed, so a new row should be added for the cargo to be stocked into the “TO WH NAME” 到达库址 column.