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  1. 你们现在可以存档任何现货交易及其相关交易执行,并随时取消存档。请勾选交易,再点右上角的Archive。如要访问存档表,请点左上角的ARCHIVE标签你们现在可以存档现货交易及相关交易执行。请勾选交易,再点右上角的Archive。如要访问存档表或取消存档任何交易,请点左上角的ARCHIVE标签。


2. 我们更新系统了,昨天的问题应该修复了。Daily Daily Change的需求也好了,我们在Group P/L加了Historical GPPL:

  • If ticked - Compare with historical Group P/L data - Historical Group P/L data will be stored in database on a daily basis and once stored, it will not be updated. (MAF will only update for yesterday data so once user reloads the Group P/L app, MAF will insert or update data if the end date is yesterday.

  • If unticked - Compare with Group P/L from open position calculation - Daily change of open position result will always use the latest position data to do calculations