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You will be able to seamlessly integrate the front, middle and back office activities to manage the lifecycle of your physical commodities trading transactions, beginning from the contractual and execution phase to the risk monitoring and settlement phase.



In general, you need to identify the type of contracts when inputting your data:


  1. + New Trade: Create new physical trade.

  2. Edit/View: Edit or view the details of your trades and pricing strategies (benchmark and MTM).

  3. Add Deal Trade: Add additional trades within the same deal, to add to or close off your existing physical trades.

  4. Hedge: Create a new paper trade to hedge your physical trade exposure.

  5. Add Edit/View Trade Execution: Record and monitor the execution of your physical trades. For example, filling in“Actual Quantity” will automatically close the trade positions in the portfolio.

  6. Reallocate Deal: Change the Deal No. of a trade into another a new or existing Deal No., and the MTM pricing will follow the reallocated Deal No.

  7. Split Trade: Split the trade’s quantity into smaller quantities while keeping all details the same.

  8. Duplicate Trade: Duplicate all details of a trade.

  9. Generate Contract: Generate trade contract.

  10. Stock In: Store and manage the stocks in your inventory.