What exchanges are covered?

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Most major futures exchanges worldwide (such as ICE, CME, NYMEX) are covered by MAF Cloud. Fundamental data from agencies such as EIA and FRED are also covered.

You may take a look at the products covered from the 'Market Data' and 'Product Datapages, accessible via the navigation sidebar on the left in MAF Cloud. (Please refer to Futures Contracts Codes for more information on the codes of these exchanges).

Market Data from these exchanges are updated in MAF Cloud on a daily basis, and will be automatically used when calculating unrealised P/L and generating quantitative models etc.

MAF Cloud is constantly improving to include data from more Exchanges/ Databases for your usage!

Note: Since MAF Cloud is currently primarily used for commodities and derivative trades, many stock exchanges are not covered by MAF Cloud at the moment. We will be adding them in the near future.

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