What kind of data does MAF Cloud provide?

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The data accessible in MAF Cloud are mainly found under the 'Market Data' and 'Product Data' tabs from the navigation sidebar on the left. Data from most futures exchanges are covered by MAF Cloud (eg. ICE, CME). Also covered are various forex data, as well as fundamental data from agencies such as EIA or FRED.

'Market Data' shows you many details on the various historical trading statistics and/or recorded figures for the products (such as high/low/settlement price(s) for each trading day, trading volume etc). Meanwhile, 'Product Data' provides you more information about several properties of the product (such as trading frequency, unit size, tick, currency etc). Click on each of the links to learn more about how to access them in MAF Cloud!  

These data are automatically used when creating the various Quantitative Models in your 'Dashboard' and when calculating the unrealised P/L in your portfolio positions.

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