P/L Calculations in Portfolio vs Models in Dashboard

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Calculations for portfolio include today's trades. If select private data, if the trade has a date that is not available in proprietary market data, P/L will be calculated using the latest private data's date settlement price.

Calculations for Group P/L and Performance Chart Models do not include today's trades. Today's trades will be reflected the next day. (as it does not make sense to put today trade and use yesterday settlement price)

In the future, if we have real time data or delay market data, then we can include today's trades.

Portfolio P/L Details model and Group P/L model's total P/L will be the same as these include any commission and expense/income items.
Counterparty Position Risk Summary model and Portfolio Total P/L by Instrument Contract model will be the same these do not include any commission and expense/income items.
Above apply for both private and public data and must have the same start and end date.

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