What quantity should I key in the pricing and trade execution page?

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In the pricing page, the quantity to key in should be the contract quantity (eg 1,000).

In the trade execution page, the quantity to key in should be the actual quantity (eg 1001.1).

The system will use contract quantity to monitor the buy/sell balance of the deals and actual quantity for calculating P/L in portfolios. The reason is because if you buy 1001.2 metric tons of Lead and sell 1001 metric tons, there will be an excess of 0.2 metric tons of Lead and will not balance, but the deal has already been closed.

So in summary, contract quantity is used to identify if the deal has been closed and actual quantity is used for P/L settlement. So if the deal is completed/closed/fulfilled (quantity of purchase and sale contract matches exactly), the 'Outstanding Qty' in the DEALS table will be "0".

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