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In this page, you will be able to view the details of your subscription plans.

You may view the number of licences purchased, used or assigned to other user(s) for each plan, as well as the corresponding billing amount and period. You may also purchase additional licences or remove current licence(s) to cancel its renewal in this page.

You will be able to see your 'Subscription Period' at the top of the page. This applies to all your subscription plans.


1st Column

The first column shows a summary of the total licences purchased, and a breakdown of their usage.

Licences Count

1. You can view the number of licence(s) available, out of the total licences purchased. 

The number of available licences refers to the number of licences not yet assigned to any user. To assign licence(s) to users, click on 'Assign to Users' in MAF Cloud.  

2. When you use the licence(s) for yourself, or assign the licence(s) to other user(s), these licences will be indicated as 'used'.

Mouse-over to the '?' icon next to 'used' to view the number of renewable and expiring licence(s) that had been 'used'. Renewable licences will be automatically renewed unless cancelled, while expiring licences will expire after the current subscription period.

3. Licence(s) that is not automatically renewed will be indicated as 'expiring' (licence has been cancelled by user). Mouse-over the '?' icon next to 'expiring' to view the expiry date of the licence(s).

Assigning to Users

All licences purchased by you will be automatically assigned to your account by default (i.e. you can use the features associated with the licence(s) immediately and do not need to assign the licence(s) to yourself). For your own usage, please keep at least 1 licence as 'available' (i.e. do not assign that licence to any user) in your current subscription plan.

If you will like to assign/unassign the licence(s) to another user, click on 'Assign to Users'. After assigning the licence to other user(s), he/she will be able to access the features associated with the licence(s) immediately. 

For detailed guide, please access the following:

2nd Column

Billing Information

The second column shows your billing information. 

You can view the billing amount of the licence(s) you have purchased for the next subscription period (monthly/yearly) and the payment date (where payment will be made).

All licences are automatically renewed unless cancelled. To learn how to cancel the renewal of any licence, refer to Remove Licence.

3rd Column

In the third column, you may either add new licence(s) or remove current ones.

Add Licence

You can purchase additional licence(s) by scrolling to the corresponding plan and clicking on 'Add Licence'. For more details on how billing for your subscriptions works, click here.

1. A pop-up box will appear and display the number of licence(s) you currently own and the billing frequency (monthly or yearly) which you have selected when you first purchased your licence(s). The billing frequency cannot be changed.

2. Key in a number in the box ('Number of Licence(s) to add') and the cost of the licence(s) will be reflected.

Please note that the cost is pro-rated based on the original cost, from time of purchase to the next billing date (based on the billing day of your first purchase)This means that any recurring payments for additional purchases will follow the billing dates of your first purchase (which is usually the same day each month/year; you may click here to find out more). This is to ensure all recurring payments take place at the same time. All license(s) purchased will be automatically renewed on the billing dates, unless cancelled. Cost until the first recurring payment date will be pro-rated accordingly (to the nearest second and/or US$0.01).

3. Click 'Check Out' to proceed.

4. In the 'Payment Confirmation' page, you can verify your purchase(s) made, 'Payment Method' and 'Billing Information'. Click on 'Edit' (represented by a 'pencil' icon) and/or 'Edit Information' to edit any billing details.

If you face any issue(s) checking out, please click on 'Contact us' and you will be directly to our support portal to submit your issue.

5. Once verified, click 'Purchase' and you're good to go! A payment confirmation email will be sent to your designated billing email address.

6. Your licences count and billing amount will be reflected automatically in the 'Current Plans' page. You may then proceed to use the licence(s) or assign to other user(s).

Remove Licence

You may also remove any licence(s) you currently have. Once removed, these licence(s) will only be valid until the end of your subscription period.

1. To cancel the renewal of your licence(s), click 'Remove Licence'.

2. A pop-up box will appear and reflect the number of licence(s) available for removal. Please note that only unassigned licence(s) can be removed (i.e. licence that has not been assigned to any user(s)).  

3. Key in the number of licence(s) you will like to remove. 

4. Click 'Remove' and you're good to go!

5. The number of licence count and billing amount will reduce accordingly and be reflected in the Billing Estimate. The remaining licence(s) will be billed on the billing date for the next subscription period.

You may view the expiry date of the licence you have removed by mousing-over the '?' icon next to 'expiring' in the first column. All removed licences will have the same expiry date (i.e. this is the last day you can access the features associated with that licence(s)). 

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